Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow, Snow and more Snow!

Well it snowed for most of the night and this is what it looked like when I first went out to start to shovel some.

This was taken from my front (side?) porch and some where out there is my driveway!
Did we get the 7 inches that was predicted? I took a ruler out and stuck it in several areas that seemed to be level and sure enough, 7 INCHES!

My truck with it's hat of snow!
After I got some of the stuff off the  windshield . Gives you a better idea of just how much we had ! It's a very dry snow and I was able to use a broom to get it off the truck.
I did not go to work last night. The road that I live on has not been plowed and it will not be for some time. I tried to shovel some of it out, But with the driveway being so long, that proved to be more work then I was willing to do today.
There does not seem to be much melting going on and the Temps are going to stay in the lower 20's! So any that does melt, will just refreeze tonight!
I will try to get the truck out tomorrow and turn it around to face out towards the road and leave it parked out by the road so I can get to work tomorrow night. I will have to work some overtime to make up for all this, But if I stay home, No pay!

As you can guess, the Chickens did not like all the white stuff!
It was noon before I went out to feed and water them and the two above were the only ones to come out for the bread I tossed out for them

There was one place that was clear of snow and I poured out some feed  there and got the rest of them out long enough to get something to eat.

But that didn't take very long and all but the two went back inside.
Of course both the water containers were frozen and the outside pan was solid ice. so I dumped it out over the fence and refilled it with very warm water, But they were not willing to stand in the white stuff to get at it. So I took the one from inside the hen house went into the house and placed it under hot water to melt the ice. It got a good cleaning and was refilled with warm water and returned to the coop! That one they ganged up on and got their fill of water. I will have to go out and refill it later, as it will not take long for this one to freeze up again!

At least one of my critters though the snow was great fun! we had a snow ball fight until he got cold and wanted to go back inside and lay in front of one of the heaters!

"Come on, DAD it's cold out here! Romeo rolled and played in the snow until he had enough!
We do not get this much snow. The last time was 3 years ago and when we do, everything shuts down! Schools and most stores do not even open their doors! It's pretty, But a big pain in the butt! We have been lucky in that we have not lost power! With my heat pump down, The three space heaters I use has kept the house warm enough so that pipes do not freeze. Keeping the water cracked and allowed to run also helps!

So for you who this would be normal winter weather, all of this is old hat! But for us that do not, We are hoping that Spring arrives early this year!!

So long from the new WINTER WONDER LAND that has become NORTH CAROLINA!


  1. Stay warm, spring is just around the corner!

    1. It looks like it is! In the 40's yesterday and 56 today! Heading for the 60's and rain!