Monday, January 20, 2014

I must be a Magnet!

I started attracting all the stray dogs a few years ago.
It started when I picked up a Deer Hound that was wondering around the parking lot at work. Remember "ANNIE"? She was way under weight and covered in ticks and fleas. I got her home and the first thing I did was to get her a bath and a good meal. She was a sweet hart and over the next few weeks she put on some weight. Her diet was Chicken and Rice. She also got a bath every other day and the ticks/fleas were controlled and she was free of them after a week or so. She was not used to being an inside dog and when I put her outside she was placed on a cable (She would run off if not for that!) or walked on a leash.
After 5 months she somehow got off the cable and I never saw her again.

And then came "BELLA"!
A Catahula mix I got from my ex-BIL. She was another sweet hart and her and Daisy got a long just fine. Bella was a great dog and she was my shadow, loved to sleep on my bed and would cuddle with the two cats I had. But she got a blood infection from a tick bite and after a couple weeks of trying to get antibiotics to stay down, I had to have her put down.

Not long after that I also lost the two Cats and that left Daisy all by her self. Last march I decided to get her (ME?) another dog to hang out with.

And that is how I got "IZZY". She is another great addition to the family!!

And then on Christmas night "Holly" showed up on Terri's back deck. We spent a week trying to find her owner, But she looked like she had been dumped in the woods and found her way to us. So I decided to keep her.

So that gave me 3 Dogs!

Then just the other day this guy showed up!

I made the mistake of naming him ROMEO!
The reason for the name is the first time I saw him he was BUTT-TO-BUTT with Izzy. And IZZY has not been fixed yet!! That was on the list for the future because I do not want puppies! But I may not have that option now!
Terri, Mark and I spent the day yesterday working on the fence around their dog yard. Her three had been getting out and we have spent some late night hours looking for them! We got them back home, But it was a pain looking for them.
So A new fence was put up yesterday. And Romeo was with us all day. I don't want to call animal control as he would be taken to a KILL Shelter and if not adopted in short order, They would destroy him! He is another sweet dog and I hate the idea that he could be destroyed!

As we finished up for the day, He wondered off and we saw a van driving slowly down the road and though that they might be his Family. He did not come back and we were happy to think he had gone home.

I got up this morning and put Daisy and Izzy out and went in to dress and get their breakfast. As I opened the back door, Daisy came in, But Izzy was again hooked up with ROMEO!

He is a beautiful dog. And I can not bring myself to call the COPS on him!

And he is very friendly and loves to be with people! And other Dogs or at least IZZY!!

I can't afford another Dog! Hell, I can't afford the three I already have!! But I also can't take him to a shelter!!
He just went with me to feed the Chickens and he does not seem to want anything to do with them. He was laying on top of the septic tank warming himself after a cold night. I do not know where he goes at night, But it seems that it is somewhere he can get out of the cold,  in the woods.
He seems to have gotten hurt sometime last night. He is limping with one of his hind legs. I tried to look at it, but it hurts him to have me touch it. I didn't feel any broken bones when he let me feel around the knee area, but he didn't like it.

But that is the reason I feel like a magnet!


  1. I used to say I liked dogs and cats equally, but have realized dogs are definitly my fave. Izzy can probably be taken to the vet ASAP and be fixed before any babies have developed too much. Yes that sounds harsh to some, but better than more puppies, right? And Romeo needs to go visit the vet also. Maybe you can get a two-fer-one deal? He is beautiful...

  2. He is a handsome dog. Why not try something like craigslist or a local trade paper (do you have IWANNA?) and offer him free to a loving home.

    I also wanted to let you all know that I finally got my "What readers are saying" page up and running. Feedback welcome!