Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Batten Down The Hatches

We have been following the reports of a major winter storm coming our way for the past few days. Yesterday the high was 69 degrees and I was able to turn off the space heaters for most of the day.
Woke up this morning to falling temps and the edge of the storm had arrived. All the schools are closed and it has been reported that we could get as much as 7 - 10 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon!
I know that this isn't much for you that live in the north, But those of us that live in the south very rarely see this kind of snow fall.
Well it started coming down about 1800 and as of this posting (2300), It must be 3 inches already! They say that we could see 1 inch of accumulation an hour at times. And with the wind coming from the northeast, drifting is not out of the question. As a matter of fact, I opened the back door and a foot of snow fell into the house from a drift that had built up there. None of the dogs wanted to even go out.
I will post again tomorrow morning with pictures!
Also have been working on a post of a school project that I helped Terri with, That will be posted soon!

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