Thursday, January 2, 2014

A whole new year!

Happy New Year to all.

I had big plans for New years eve, But that had to be put on hold! I got called into work for overtime and spent 8 hours watching the Inmates sleep.

But I have two stories to tell you about:

On December 23 Terri let her dog Archer out into the back yard and he started growling and barking at the top of his voice. Terri did not see anything in the dark, But Archer kept it up and was homed in on her back deck. So Terri went back inside and out onto the deck with a flash light. She still did not see anything. But as she turned to go back inside, She saw movement out of the corner of her eye and a small dog came out of the shadows and walked up to her.
It was apparent that the dog had been a stray for some time (underweight, Ribs and Back Bone showing) and with the night time cold, Terri got a bowl of food and a blanket for the dog. She called me at work to tell me about it and that she was going to see if she could find the owner.
That was 11 days ago and no luck finding the owner. Terri even went to Face Book to see if she could at least put the word out.
I could not see turning the dog into the animal shelter...So guess what?


Yep, I'm keeping her!
She is a Pit Bull. And I know they have a bad reputation. But she is the sweetest thing and she gets along with my other two just fine. She is about 1 1/2 years old and has had at least one litter of puppies. We took her to the Vet the other day and she checked out just fine. I need to get some weight back on her. She has only had one accident in the house and she loves to spend most of her time in a pet crate. JUST LOOK AT THOSE EARS!
I have to admit that I'm smitten!

And the other story:
Terri called this morning and wanted to know if I wanted to go on a road trip. She had found a dog on a rescue site that needed to be transported to Florida from New Jersey. So we went on a road trip to pick him up. Terri will keep him for a couple of days and the Lady that is adopting him will come from Florida on Sunday to get him!

So two Dog stories for the start of the new year!

And a year end update on the Chickens..
At one point, I had 12 laying Hens. But down to 10 now. And the total Egg production for 2013 is....1970!!
I sell a few, eat some and Terri gets hes share and I even feed some to the Dogs! But that's still a lot of Eggs!

So I hope that you all had a great New Years and are looking forward to 2014
 I'm waiting on UPS to deliver the book that I got just after Christmas and when it arrives, I will post a review on it!


  1. I have found that Pit Bull have a poor reputation and it all depends on the owner, how the dog was raised and how it is being treated. Even a calm quiet dog can have issues if it is being mistreated. My sister had a pit mix and we were never afraid of him, however, if a stranger tried to walk in the house or pet him in his truck, watch out. My son-in-law has a purebred pit and Rocky is amazing. He got him young (5 weeks old) and he is just a melting pot of love. Your Holly looks very sweet! I'm happy for you!

  2. Tom,

    Happy New Year To You My Friend.
    Congrats on the new dog Holly :-)
    I can imagine she already has you wrapped around her paw, lol

    1. Sandy,
      You got that right! She loves the out doors, If it's not to cold! Today's high winds and cold have her stating inside by the heater. And she had a warm meal this morning as did the other two.
      Ice on the back deck, No body wants to go out today!

  3. Happy New Year to you! And nice to hear from you....and your new buddy :)

    1. Carolyn,
      Happy New Year to you too!
      My only New Year resalution this year is to do a better job of posting and staying in contact with my Blogging Family!
      I read your post about the "Pack Rat" and loved it. Kids can make a toy out of anything LOL.

  4. Adorable. PB's are sweetie pies for sure. It's all about the owner and their environment IMHO. We found our Casey as a barely weaned pup who found her way into our garage. That was 5 yrs ago. I couldn't have found a sweeter little girl.

    1. Tami,
      Your right, At least in Casey's and Holly's case. As long as they are given love and a happy home, they will return all of that 100 times more!