Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sad start to the new year!

This is Bela, one of my two dogs. She is very sick right now and I'm not sure she is going to make it. She is a Catahula Leopard dog and a sweet hart! She came to me about 8 or 9 month's ago as a week-end dog-sitting request from my ex-wife's brother and she ended up staying. She became part of the family the minute she walked through the door! Her and Daisy (my terrire mix) became fast friends and spent all their time together. And even the cats tolerated her.
Last Thursday night she started having problems breathing and she was shivering like she was cold. I noticed that she had stopped eating and was drinking a lot of water. She started vomiting later that night, but it was mostly water. As it was the start of the New Year week-end and the fact that I'm low on funds, I was not able to get her to the Vet until yesterday.
He seems to think that she may have food poisoning and wanted to keep her for tests and to get her on IV liquids. But that was going to cost way more than I could afford, so he sent her home with medications and instructions to try to get her to take some ice cubes in.

This is Bela and Daisy out enjoying the snow last week-end. She is a very happy dog and always smiling. But not much smiling for the past couple days.
Last night I got one of the pills into her and even got her to lick at some ice cubes. But she later started to bleed from the nose and I tried to stop that and keep her as comfortable as I could. Called the Dr. first thing this morning and told him what had been going on and he suggested that I try to get some Gatorade in her.
She took a little of it and then wanted to go outside. She did her thing and then had trouble getting back up the steps to the house.
Like I said a VERY SICK DOG!!!

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