Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another post about Bella

I know that Bella has been the subject of all my posts recently. But that's what it is! Took her back to the Vet again this morning. She is slowly slipping away, But I can't let go! So they are putting her on IV's today to rehydrate her and see if that will jump-start her to getting better. She is still only taking a little water and will not eat anything.
And I'm coming to the end of my money road. I hate that it comes down to that! But that too is what it is!

Here are a few photos of my girl when she was feeling better.
enjoying the late afternoon sun this past fall.

Bella and her play mate Luke.

Ready for a good nights sleep. She nearly takes up the whole bed!

I want to thank "Apple Pie Gal, Leigh (over at "5 acres and a Dream) and Bev ("Bee Haven Acres", Have fun with the worms!!!) for your concern and suggestions!
I promise the next post will be about the worms or some other farm thing!


  1. I was really hoping to hear that she made a turn-around. Sometimes it's just not fair.

    Here's hoping the IV works. Take care...

  2. I am sorry for you and Bella, but I'm glad she has a human who loves her so much! Hang in there...

  3. Ruth
    I just started reading your Blog and injoy it so much. I just posted an up-date on Bella and I will be back tomorrow with another.
    Thanks for your kind words!