Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old read - New read

OK, so I said no Bella report as I promised. Suffice to say that she is home and took two liters by IV and is felling better.

I was up reading a new Blog (A Home Gown Journal) the other night and one of her post talked about the books that were on her night stand that she will read this winter. Well as is my wit, I'm going to barrow her idea and talk about two books that I have and have enjoyed very much.

The first is the book you see above, The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery. I have had this book for years, in one form or another. I got my first copy back in the late 70's, early 80's and it went on every where with me while I was in the Navy. This is the book that jump-started my dream to own a HOMESTEAD. I don't think of my place as a farm, and the way I look at it is anything that I raise here will be for my own use and the use of family and friends. This book, along with  early publication's of "The Mother Earth  News" (that will be the subject of another post very soon!)  were instrumental in the "BACK TO THE LAND" movement that took place back in the early 70's
But Carla's Book is huge and has so much information in it and is a very down to earth, good read. I have had three copies of her book over the years, The first was the sixth edition that I allowed someone to barrow and never got it back! The second copy was the seventh edition and by the time this copy came out, Carla was a very well known person on all the morning shows. She even did the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson a few times! This is were I saw her the first time. I read that copy so many times that some of the pages were falling out and it was pretty beat up. It even made the 52,000  mile, 9 month cruse to the "First Gulf War" with me.
I'm sorry to say that Carla passed away back in 2005 while on a book tour. And that is when I got the ninth edition I have now. I never got the chance to meet her, I wished I had!! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow a few tomatoes or raise a few chickens.

This is the book that was part of the stack on "MAMA PEAS" night stand. and what a wonderful book it is. Kiistin Kimball was a free-lance writer living and working in N.Y. City, who took her skills out to the sticks of up-state New York and now lives with her husband and two little girls. They own and operate a CSA that provides 100 + people year round produce, meet, poultry and dairy. Its an amazing story and this book covers the first year on the land where they live. And they do this with very little use of tractors or heavy machinery, They use Horses!
Another great find!
So what do you read, I need new material. Its going to be a long cold winter and I can only take so much of all the "Seed Catalogs (got three more today! that's 11 so far!!).
P.S. Thanks again to all the followers who have made comments about Bella. I'll give an up-date in a few days. And Thank you to Ruth and welcome aboard! I hope I don't disappoint!
Take care!


  1. Tom, I haven't read either of those, but Dirty Life got good reviews and I added it to my wishlist last week!! Great minds think alike???

    So glad to hear Bella is a bit better today!

    I just ordered my seeds today! Yeah!!!

  2. Great post. I got The Dirty Life from our county library on your recommendation. My husband actually heard Kristin on the radio previously and was delighted I checked out the book.

    I love Carla's book. It's been a standby for a number of years. Looks like we have the exact same edition!

    Glad to hear Bella is doing so well.

  3. APG,
    I think you will really like "Dirty Life and Carla's book is just the best Dam book! I have had it for over 15 years and I read it cover - to - cover at least once a year. Answers a lot of questions.

    Thanks! I have another post that I have been thinking about. The Mother Earth News". I was a big fan for a lot of years. And when I think about the post I think about you and Dan. You see my favirite issue is the second one. The whole issue is about this man who started a homestead on just 5 acres and an old farm house! Kind of sounds like someone I know!!!! I love your Blog and I'm still working my way through all the posts. Keep it up!