Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick up-date

Sorry that I have not posting much. But there is a big issue that I have been working on that has been pretty worrisome. I hope to have it resolved in the next few days.
Up-date on the Rabbits: They have settled in quite well and are doing fine. The past few days have been pretty cold and each morning that I have gone to feed and water them, the water has been frozen. But today was 68 and tonight's low is supposed to be only 50! Go figure Virginia weather!
I was told by Chris the other day that he forgot to tell me that he believes that Alice (The Californian Doe) has Bunnies in the oven! He inadvertently placed her in a cage with Buck while moving Rabbits around from cage to cage and he said that he saw them do "THE Dance of Love". So, that was about three weeks a go and I will have to get a nesting box into the cage with her soon. Could this be the first babies born here on the Homestead?

Tomorrow morning after work I will be going after a truck load of compost. I found a lady on Crag's List that has a copious amounts available for pick up and it's the right price.....FREE! So I will be loading it at her place and then off-loading at mine! More material for the Lasagna Garden!
Will keep you informed on Alice and how that goes!


  1. Hope you get the problem, whatever it is, resolved soon.Congrats on the free compost...good stuff! Blessings Jane

    1. Jane,
      Life is always going to have problems. But I have not posted about this one, don't want to get my hopes up! But if all works out, I'll post about it until the "Cows Come Home"!

  2. How exciting! You will be doubling (or more) your livestock in no time! A truck load of compost is a wonderful thing to get free -- and you will have a great garden bed by planting time. Good luck with bunnyhood and resolving the issue. We're rooting for you!

    1. Susan,
      Wednesday it rained and I had to work overtime (again), So didn't get the compost. But I e-mailed the Lady and made arrangements to go later.
      I also unloaded the compost tumblers again today and found more Worms. They are in the garden now!