Saturday, January 7, 2012

You forgot!

But that's OK! Because I remembered!
In the last post I mentioned that while working on Worm Food that I did something that I had not done in a long time.
I have a stereo that I have not turned on in quite some time and it has a carousel  that will hold 51 Cd's. So I fired it up and loaded a random collection of Cd's, hit shuffle and went to work on the squash.
And hare are the Artists that I listened to:
There was Country :
Garth Brooks
Colin Raye
Diamond Rio
Little Texas

And Oldies:
Beach Boy's
Frankie Vally and the 4 seasons

Also POP :
Niel Diamond
The Carpenters

And even some Christmas music too!
Bing Crosby
Andy Williams
Mannheim Steamroller
The Carpenters (again!)

It true what they say, Music helps the work to go faster!
And because I was by myself, there was some singing and dancing involved! Something that I will not do if anyone is around!

It was good to hear some of the music I grew up with (remember, born and raised in California in the 60's!). And to hear the Country of today and the Christmas music that was blaring from the radio just two weeks ago!

So what do you listen to while you work, or do you Whistle?

Just asking!

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  1. That is quite an interesting list -- I think you hit all the music groups except classical! For working hard, I play Aretha Franklin (loud). I play a wide range of music, depending on the job. It makes the work go faster, doesn't it?