Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vacation....Work at home

Today is the second day of my Vacation. I felt that I had worked a lot of overtime during the holidays and did not get a thing done at home! So seven days to work at home.
First an update on Alice. She had a total of 8 kits over a three day span. And she lost all of them! One, on the 24...She consumed this one, Then she had 6 more on the 25th....And lost them to the cold (I forgot to put the nesting box back in the cage, See previous post!) and one more on the 26th...Which she only consumed half of!
I have stopped trying to understand why she eats them and will not breed her again until Buck Henry is old enough to do the deed, in about 2 months.
So after doing morning chores, I decided it was time to get started on the kitchen. Washed dishes and I glanced into the utility room and thought I would get started on that room first.
I do not have a washer or dryer (They are at Mark's and I do my laundry over there) and the room had some old Dog food Bags, filled with recyclables. It also has two closets off to one side. One of which houses the hot water heater and pressure tank (not much I can do with that one). And a much smaller one that had three wire shelves in it. So I started turning it into a real pantry.
I hate wire shelves and the first thing to do was get rid of them! I removed all the junk out and pulled out the shelves.
Have I ever told you that I hate DRY WALL? Or to be honest, I hate to paint! So I was going to build wood shelves anyway, and though to myself, "Why not cover the walls with wood too?!" I have some "Tong & Grouve", Pine boards that I got as seconds on a trip to N.H. one year. They are about 60" long and they were only $0.25 each! If I remember right, We got 240 of them and loaded them into the back of the Explorer we had at the time. We used some of it as Wains Coat in the house we lived in at the time.
Anyway, I had already put in the shelve supports for the first shelve, and cut and fitted boards that reach from the supports to the floor (I removed the baseboards, as it was MDF and looked bad with the wood). I will continue to install it this way up the walls.
See, No paint Required! Gotta love that!
I will take pictures of the finished project and get them into the next post!
Aren't Vacations Great?


  1. Someone else that spends their vacations like I do... working at home to make life easier later on. I can't wait to see pictures. Sorry to hear about the babies. I had a doe that did that with every litter. I finally tried a trick I had heard about, giving her some raw burger a day or two before she was due, and that helped, her next few litters (at least till I quit breeding) were born and raised with no problems.

    1. I will have to try that trick with the burger! Seems like she will eat anything as it is. Might work! Thanks.

  2. Hope your vacation at home goes great for you. As far as I'm concerning, there's not much better than improving the home environment!

    1. Mama Pea,
      I have inventoried the wood I have and have realized that I do not have enough to cover the walls the way I would like. So I will build the shelves and when taxes come back, get what I need from Home Depot.
      Before I'm through, the walls of my house will be mostly covered in wood, LIKE YOURS!
      By the way, is that "Ship Lap" you used on your walls? If so, where did you get it!

  3. I do hope you take pictures - it sounds like it will be wonderful. I, too, don't like metal shelving, although that's what I have in my laundry room/tool room/feed room/garden room. I hope you're enjoying your time off.