Saturday, January 28, 2012

"SQUEEZO Strainer"

I forgot to mention that under all that junk in the soon to be "Pantry", I found a "Garden Way SQUEEZO STRAINER" model 400-TS. All the parts were there (only one screen, The 1/16th), but the box was a mess. Mice have been living in it and chewed on it quite a bit. That's gone now and after sitting in hot soppy water for a while and getting washed real good, It's on the counter like shinny new!
A friend of mine had given the "SQUEEZO" to me when I first moved to the Homestead and I had forgotten all about it. I hope that this years garden will do well enough, That I will be using this thing a lot!
The manual was in the box too and it has a bunch of recipes that I have never heard of before! Here are a few.
Tomato and Orange sauce
Sicilian sweet and sour sauce
Tomato sauce with raisins and pine nuts
Heaven and Earth
Applesauce Pudding
And the list just go's on and on!
Jam's, Jelly's, Custard's and "Lekvar" (A Hungarian prune butter!).
Oh. So many things to try!
I will post about each one as I try them!


  1. Okay, I'll admit it. I'm not familiar with the Squeezo Strainer. Does it puree things?

    1. Yes it does and it separates the skins and seeds too! This is purfect for tomato sauce and apple sauce, jams and jelly's too. After I cleaned it up, I set it up and I like the idea that it is hand operated! I do not know how old it is, tried to get some his history on it at Google, but all I found was Ebay auctions. One went as high as $156.00! I'm glad that mine was the right price, FREE!

  2. Squeezos are wonderful! And free is amazing! You will get a lot of use out of it, especially if you can tomato sauce. I finally broke down and got a Vitorio and I love it.

    1. Susan,
      Now see, you got me! A Vitorio? What's that? Can I guess that it does the same job as my "Squeezo", only with a motor?

  3. Pictures?
    I didn't know what a Squeezo is either (until I googled it!)
    sounds great though.

    here is what I found on Amazon:
    looks like you can order the strainer accessory kit. Just make sure you are looking at the right model.

    1. Emily,
      I have looked at "Amazon" and saw the accessoty Kit. It's on my wish list now. I really want the other two strainers!
      I really like the old Kitchen Gagjets that used "Hand Power to run them. I have a few and I have wanted to do a post about them. My "Pride and Joy" is an old "Vaccun Coffee Pot" I love this thing.
      Now that you have asked for pictures of the"Squeezo", that may be the nudge to wite it 9W/pictures!)